Coaching for Leadership


Todays HiPo coaches are challenged with the recurring task of weaving threads from several disciplines into a tapestry that is fit for purpose in helping their clients learn and succeed. In this sense, the coach has to become a discriminating eclectic, developing a keen sense of judgement to select which threads are best woven into the fabric and those that it would be better to simply throw away. This book is intended to be a cherished companion in that learning journey presented by the worlds greatest coaches, including: Marhsall Goldsmith, Paul Hersey (The Situational Leader), Beverly Kay (Love em or Leave em), John Baldoni (author of 11 leadership titles), David Ulrich (24 HR titles), Roosevelt Thomas Jr. (author of several Diversity titles), Marc Effron (One-page Talent Management), Richard Leider (The Power of Purpose), David Noer (Breaking Free), Kouzes ">(The Female Vision), Jack Zenger (The Extraordinary Coach), Brian Tracy (author of dozens of hu