Cold Cereal


Cold Cereal Facts

Serving size 1 chapter

Number of servings 40

Primary human characters 3

Scottish Play Doe, aka Scottpossible changeling

Erno Utz genius

Emily Utz supergenius

Magical creatures at least 3

Mick Leprechaun (or Clurichaun)

Harvey Pooka (rabbit-man)

Biggs indeterminate origin (hairy, large)

Evil organizations 1

Goodco Cereal CompanyPurveyor of breakfast

foods aspiring to world domination

Adventure 75%

Diabolical Schemes 40%

Danger 57%

Legend 20%

Magic 68%

Humor 93%

Puzzles 35%

Mystery 49%

Not a significant source of vampires.

May contain nuts.

Daily values based on individual interest. Reader's estimation of value may be higher or lower, depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing.

UpplÀsare: Oliver Wyman