Comfort Meditation: Imagine Strength During Tough Times


This guided imagery audio is designed to offer a state of relaxation, peace and comfort during challenging times. We want you to re-experience the qualities and characteristics that help you make it through the tough times. Be introduced to evocative imagery techniques that can give you ease and comfort. Sometimes during times of hardship and challenge we temporarily forget that we have resources and we lose touch with our strength, courage and faith. This guided imagery script provides the opportunity to re-experience and get in touch with the very qualities and characteristics needed to help us make it through the tough times. The mental images we hold affect not only our emotions, but also our physiology. This guided imagery program can lead you to experience a state of physical and mental relaxation, where you can be introduced to what is called “evocative imagery”, a technique designed to help you get in touch with the quality, characteristic or feeling states that provides the ease and comfort you desire in your current difficult situation. Get in touch with a memory or a feeling such as peace, faith, strength, humor, or courage, etc. You will be asked to recall a time when you experienced this state, and will then be invited to re-experience it in the present. Be guided to let that feeling state expand and amplify within you so that it becomes your new and current state of being. You may soon recall how easily and effortlessly you have overcome situations in the past and then re-claimed your personal power to do so again. Imadulation¼ Guided Imagery audio production.