Constable Around the Village: A perfect feel-good read from one of Britain's best-loved authors


The brilliantly entertaining and heartwarming books behind the hit 90s TV series Heartbeat. One of the top ten most watched shows of the decade. Nick is settling into his role as a police constable in Aidensfield, getting to grips with rural life and his new colleagues and neighbours. Constable Nick maintains his warm approach through the village's many incidents, whether it's the historic tradition of the First Footing on New Year's Eve or the scandal of an undug grave. More problems stem from the unlawful activities of Arnold Merryweather's bus, with its imposing conductress, Hannah, a jockey who steals supplies for his hungry horse and the old railway worker who vanishes as the last train passes through the village. “Stories of a constable on his village beat in North Yorkshire. All very gentle and far, far removed from the hurly burly of modern day city policing.” DAILY TELEGRAPH

UpplÀsare: Philip Franks