Cuckolded By Black Men Bundle


This bundle is all about white wives deciding to upgrade to the next size up, and trade in their little husbands for a lot of BBC.

Cucked By The Convict

A chance meeting with her ex-boyfriend, Sam, sets in motion a chain of events for a loving wife that she can’t halt. The fact that he just got out of prison doesn’t stop the passion they once shared coming to life again. She knows that giving in to it will hurt the man she loves, but can’t deny Sam what he wants when he comes to her home and she lets him take her in front of her husband.

One Shy White Wife, Four Big Black Men

When her husband asks her to watch a salacious cuckold video, Helen realizes that the fantasy she had always held as her deepest secret was a possibility. They hesitantly decide to go to their local bar and see how they feel about their fantasies becoming reality, and the normally reserved and quiet Helen is ready and willing to flirt with anyone, as she is gripped with a brand new feeling. The group of black men at the bar are more than willing to give the young, innocent white girl all the attention she needs, and then some.

What starts as a tentative trial run turns into an extreme introduction when they head back to their house, and the husband can only watch as his wife is manhandled right in front of him in his own home – and that’s just the beginning.

Violated By The Builders

It's Mark and Kelsey's 10th anniversary, and they decide to get their house renovated to celebrate. However when an unavoidable expense comes up and they can't pay their two builders Joe and Bobby, they need to think up something fast. Joe's an older Italian man, and Bobby is a muscular and massive African American. Kelsey is a white, petite, seemingly innocent housewife. Mark will find out just how innocent Kelsey isn't when she offers herself up for payment and makes him watch as she's stretched out and degraded with no protection for everyone to see!