Dividend Kings and Aristocrats: A History & Guide to Passive Income


What do businesses like a fast food chain McDonald’s, a soft drink company like Coca-Cola, a scotch tape manufacturer like 3M, and a retail giant like Walmart have in common? What does a coffee maker like a Starbucks and a wholesale hardware store like Home Depot have in common? They’re all stocks with growing dividends and a form of passive income that you’d be a fool not to have in your portfolio. In this book you’re going to find out the difference between a Dividend Kings and a Dividend Kings aristocrat, a great credit card with reward points you can deposit into a brokerage account and why chasing a high dividend yield is not necessarily a good thing. You’ll also find out which Dividend Kings, despite having over years upon years of consistent dividends, it’s not worth the share price. Do you want to be working a 9-5 all your life or do you want to start making passive income now?

UpplÀsare: Katrina Medina