Emotional Intelligence for Dummies: Experience Sales Success and Develop Leadership Skills


What is emotional intelligence and why is it more important than intellect?

Those are excellent questions, and this book has the answers you seek!

Understanding emotional intelligence, how to gain, improve and protect it, and how it interacts with IQ is the key to success in all of life's endeavours. In this book we'll explore:

Basic human needs, what it takes to meet them, and how these establish, protect and improve emotional intelligence The importance of childhood experiences in developing healthy emotional intelligence Define and understand the range of human emotions How emotional intelligence leads to success at work How emotional intelligence leads to success at home Why emotional intelligence balances and compliments IQ, and how a higher EQ is more important than a high IQ How to use emotional intelligence to resolve conflict How emotional intelligence can be applied to dating, marriage, and parenting Apply emotional intelligence to your sales tactics and advertising campaigns Apply emotional intelligence to teaching and academic studies If you're looking for tips on how to understand emotional intelligence, how to improve your emotional intelligence, or how to assess and apply the emotional intelligence of your work force, this book seeks to answer all your questions and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Emotional intelligence plays a major factor in everything, and unlocking the secrets of emotional intelligence will help you achieve absolutely any goal you set for yourself. What are you waiting for? Take the first steps in understanding emotional intelligence and how to harness it today by purchasing this audibook.

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