Empath And Relationship: Learn How to Develop Empathy Skills, How to Talk to Your Partner, Eliminate Couple Conflicts to Establish Better Relationships, and the Codependency Cure to Master Your Emotions


What’s an empath? Empaths are energy sponges who absorb and hold onto the energy and emotions from others. Being a sponge will make you want to stay in bed and hide under the covers. You feel the physical and emotional issues others experience as if they're your own. The negative energies empaths absorb can trigger panic attacks, depression, food and drug addiction. I am an empath too. I know how you are feeling. Before I discovered I was an empath, I thought there was something wrong with me. I felt socially awkward and self-conscious. People constantly told me I was too sensitive. I always felt tired. As a teenager, I would drink and smoke to numb myself. I constantly found myself in unhealthy relationships with people who did not consider my needs. I allowed them to steal my energy. I would also stroll into malls or crowded spaces feeling fine, and pick up energy from all the people around me. Then I would walk out completely exhausted with my body aching. I didn’t realize then that I was a highly sensitive being. But is it possible to regain control after feeling so stressed? Yes! After creating and using life-changing tools to empower and protect myself, I was able to heal my relationship with my husband, creating an abundant life on my terms. I learned to use my sensitivity as my strength rather than my weakness. Today I help thousands of people around the world discover how to view their sensitivities as a gift and use them to create a peace-filled life. It’s time to celebrate who you really are. It’s your birthright to feel empowered and clear about the steps you’ll take to protect your energy and create a stable sense of self.

UpplÀsare: Bonnie Rogers