Exhausted & Sleepless


Are you feeling exhausted and worn out?

Is brain fog clouding your ability to think and act?

Do you need to get proper rest to recharge your body?

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential to living everyday life, working, looking after our families, and enjoying our leisure time. It’s no accident that we spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping, but when we don’t get enough, it severely impacts the rest of our day, health, and well-being. Lack of sleep leads to exhaustion and a lack of sleep in an endless cycle.

This book, Exhausted and Sleepless, has been written by one who has experienced what a lack of sleep can do to a body and provides you with tips and techniques to help you get the rest your body needs, including:

How to regain your optimum sleeping patterns quicklyThe importance of a proper diet making sure you keep moving and activeHow listening to music helps break the cycle of recurring sleep deprivationLearning to cooperate with your bodySolving your sleep disorder permanently more

Lena Holfve’s methods have helped thousands of people dating back to 2016. Her work educates people about ‘fatigue syndrome’ and how to combat it successfully to regain their lost vigor and energy.

So if you suffer from poor memory, difficulty understanding basic information, constant brain fog, and paralyzing fatigue, get a copy of Exhausted and Sleepless and see how it will improve your life!