Eyelet Witness


Bonnie and Clyde play chicken with a killer in their zaniest adventure yet!

Bonnie Balfour is busy tuning shabby into chic after a local entrepreneur asks for help decorating a soufflé-stand startup on a shoestring budget. The client's budding egg enterprise and blue-ribbon hen, Thelma, are sure to boost revenue to the new business, especially with Bonnie's customizing touch on the design.

Unfortunately, feathers begin to fly when the client's ex-boyfriend launches a dispute over Thelma's legal custody, only hours before the hen goes missing. And Detective Wright suspects fowl play when the ex's body turns up in a local lake before sundown.

Now Bonnie and Clyde are pecking on doors and scratching for clues to prove their friend's innocence, but a series of anonymous attacks threaten to scramble the newly hatched plan. Can Bonnie and Clyde crack the case in time? Or is this sleuthing duo finally out of cluck?