Fatgirl: Finale, Part One


Stunning and Brave ... For Fatgirl, everything has come down to this -- and it's more awful than even Kallie could've imagined. With her dad held captive at the Darling Donut factory, Kallie and AB race to the scene. And while Kallie's too scared to do much more than follow AB's lead, she's left speechless as AB does the unthinkable: Consume one of her own radioactive doughnuts. But even that's not the most surprising event for the evening, as Kallie and AB are soon joined by several familiar faces, and more secrets are revealed. And then there's an even more devastating twist as Zeus arrives on the scene ... Fatgirl is a superhero satire series with plenty of guts, heart, and snark from award-winning, genre-hopping author C. S. Johnson. Do-nut miss it!