Get over Breakup


Dealing with a breakup is emotionally challenging. We feel broken. We wallow in rejection, shock, grief, and sadness. We wish we could just erase that person from our lives, or better yet, take a magic pill to heal our pain.

Feeling the need to be comforted is normal during a breakup. But unhealthy habits, speedy tools, and quick fixes can leave us cold because healing is not an overnight process. It takes time, and it requires us to become reacquainted with ourselves.

At My Mind Valley, we understand your sense of loss. So, we have created a powerful affirmation program to help you process your breakup in a fast and nurturing way. This program enables you to transform your energy from heartbreak to self-actualization. It is a tool that will free your mind from pain and bring harmony back into your life.

In Get Over Breakup, you will realize how to:

Set the clear intention of getting over your breakup

Let go of past feelings that are stopping you from moving forward

Embrace the healing process to regain your power

Slowly shed yourself of heartbreak, unleashing a brand new and inspired you!

Learn the lesson that person was there to teach you

Get excited about your next relationships