Grave New World


Sometimes, you have to play dirty. I’m Paige Harper, and I clean up supernatural messes. But my personal life is something I can’t seem to straighten out. I accidentally married a fae, and even though we've been divorced for years, Jax still manages to land me in hot water. Like, putting my house on the table at a high stakes poker game type of hot. Now, he's been arrested for murder and the cops want to pin a series of vampire killings on him. I don't know if he did it or not. But I do know he needs to be at that poker game or else my house is gone. In order to get Jax out, I turn to Nico, a one-eyed werewolf private detective, for help. Nico is a handsome, dangerous ladies man, and I have no intention of falling prey to his charms. Although, that's easier said than done as the two of us begin crawling through the dirty underbelly of the supernatural world... It’s a good thing I brought my broom. Grave New World is the first book in an all new paranormal mystery series filled with laughs and romance!

UpplÀsare: Carrie Coello


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HĂ„ller nu pĂ„ med sista boken i serien och sorgearbetet har redan startat för det hĂ€r var en av de absolut BÄSTA bokserier jag nĂ„gonsin har lĂ€st/hört! Till min besvikelse sĂ„ saknas rn utav böckerna hĂ€r, hoppas att detta ska förĂ€ndras dock dĂ„ jag i sĂ„dana fall kommer att ha ynnesten att trĂ€ffa Paige och alla andra helt fenomenala karaktĂ€rer - Sup's likvĂ€l som MĂ€nskliga.. Rekommenderar!