Guilt at the Garage


Carole Seddon's trusty Renault is one of her most treasured possessions. So when it’s vandalised, there's only one person she will entrust with its repair: Bill Shefford, who’s been servicing the vehicles of the good citizens of Fethering for many years. But how could something like this happen in Fethering of all places? Then a note is shoved under Carole's kitchen door: Watch out. The car window was just the start. It appears that she’s been deliberately targeted. But by whom, and why? Matters take an even more disturbing turn when a body is discovered at Shefford's Garage, crushed to death by a falling gearbox. People think it’s a tragic accident, but Carole and her neighbor Jude are not so sure. And the more they question, the more evidence they uncover of decidedly foul play.

UpplÀsare: Simon Brett