HowExpert Guide to Fishkeeping: 101 Tips on How to Set Up and Maintain a Fish Tank & Aquarium, Keep Your Fish Alive & Healthy, and Become a Better Fishkeeper


Welcome to your fabulous new hobby and a magnificent new world. This helpful guide will ensure your success in your new endeavor by teaching you the basics, and a little more, of fishkeeping. Learn every step of the way with 101 helpful tips so you can become an efficient fishkeeper in no time! In this book, you will learn the various kinds of fish and plants that can live in your tank, along with the temperatures, decor, and equipment that goes along with it all. Learn the proper way to introduce fish into your tank and cycle your tank correctly to avoid any unnecessary fish loss. You may also learn about fishy misconceptions and the proper way to care for each type of fish, like temperature and what foods to feed them. Don’t forget; this guide will also help you choose a proper tank for your wants and needs so you don’t bite off more than you can chew or get bored with your tank too quickly! So, pick up this book, settle in, and get ready to become a better fishkeeper, and soon you will have the fish tank of your dreams. About the Author Aurora Sandelands has been a passionate fish keeper for over two years and a writer for over 10. As soon as she got her first one-gallon beta tank, she knew she couldn’t stop and gradually made her way up to a 75-gallon cichlid tank (After learning a lot through research and firsthand experience). She graduated from her state college with an AA in creative writing in 2014 and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She loves to write and paint watercolor next to her two cats, her Pit Bull, and her 30 fish in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. HowExpert publishes how to guides by everyday experts. Visit HowExpert.com to learn more.