I Am a Precious Child of God: Mini Devotionals with Faith-Based Affirmations


A meaningful resource to help children understand who they are and that they are perfectly loved. In this beautifully illustrated book, your child can explore mini gospel lessons relevant to kids today, learn faith-based affirmations, and read related Bible verses. Every page will remind your child of their value and purpose as a precious child of God. With each devotional, your child can: Build a positive self-image Develop a closer relationship with God Find joy and purpose in life Through faith-based affirmations such as "I am valued," "I can follow Jesus," "I have God-given talents," "Jesus loves me," and "I can talk to God," your child will be empowered to see and love themselves the way God and Jesus do. Each devotional is designed to be enjoyable and impactful, giving your child a memorable way to learn essential Christian truths. With its positive message, attention-grabbing illustrations, and easy-to-understand devotions, this book is the perfect bedtime or Sunday school story for children ages 3-8. Don't miss this opportunity to help your child discover their true identity and develop a closer relationship with God. Order your copy of I Am a Precious Child of God today and experience the wonder of God's love with your child.