Influence: Learn the Secrets of Human Psychology and Behavior


How can you better influence people? The answer is in this audiobook.... Even if we don’t know it or do it on purposes, we are always influencing others. We influence people by the way we dress, look, talk, or behave ourselves on the Internet. In this audiobook, you will find out what it takes to increase the influence you have on others, and to really know what you’re doing. Many people don’t. They just go through the day without wondering what effect their words and actions have on others. But you won’t make that same mistake. Learn the secrets inside. Topics include: Shortcuts to expanding your influence on others, the definition, and the real source of influence How to use the gift of influence to become a more effective leader Thoughts on your sphere of influence and the power you may have The top influencing skills you should develop to get more sales, have a bigger impact on others, or run your company better Ways to deal with peer pressure for adults or teens Tips on becoming a more powerful, richer social media influencer and make a living with your passion

UpplÀsare: Stephen Low