John of the Cross: Poet and Mystic: Poet and Mystic


St. John of the Cross is one of the most inspiring figures in the history of Christianity: a saint of profound faith, a compelling mystic, and an immensely gifted poet. Now, you can explore the life, teachings, writings, and reflections of St. John of the Cross. John of the Cross is perhaps the most famous of the incredibly faithful group of Christians known as mystics. A gentle and compassionate figure, John was not only a Carmelite priest but an eloquent poet and author as well. Under the guidance of leading Carmelite spirituality expert Prof. Keith Egan, you will explore the life and works of St. John of the Cross. In doing so, you will understand the rich history of the Christian mystical tradition. Through John’s writings, you will gain a deep appreciation for this great Doctor of the Church who inspires Christians to pray and love as God intended. John’s conversion is a powerful story of doubt, passion, struggle, and ultimately enduring faith. As you journey from John’s encounters with Teresa of Avila to his nine-month imprisonment in Spain, you will encounter a truly fascinating saint. You will also explore John’s poems and writings, which tell of his profound encounters with God. As you encounter the deepest hopes, fears, and emotions of St. John of the Cross, you will come to know personally this Carmelite friar whose gentle compassion continues to inspire us.

UpplÀsare: Keith J. Egan