Jojo Lost Her Confidence


Stay in your bubble. Feel-good no matter what is happening in the external world

Have you lost your confidence? Do you feel discouraged, stressed, or held back? Are you or your child suffering from low self-esteem?

Holistic therapist, award-winning artist, and #1 bestselling author, Cassandra Gaisford is best known as The Queen of Uplifting Inspiration.

When we are stressed, anxious, bullied, or overwhelmed our confidence can be one of the first things to be lost. Jojo Lost Her Confidence is a short, beautiful feel-good which will help boost self esteem for women, self esteem for kids, and self esteem in men and boys.

From the bestselling author of the delightfully beautiful and courageous, The Little Princess comes another empowering story in the brilliant Transformational Super Kids series.

These modern-day heroes and heroines tackle modern-day problems with the passion and gusto of warriors. They defeat cruel critics, they slay savage self-esteem demons, and they show people—jealous of their kindness, talent, and beauty—that their biggest superpower is staying true to themselves.

This is a classic, empowering book that every child, teenager and adult should have the joy of reading.

Cassandra cuts to the heart of the lesson we all need to hear, over and over again, helping us learn to be courageous, happy, and empowered.

Be inspired by this journey to transformation and self-love, and self-belief as Jojo, your heroine, learns to overcome the quirks, challenges, and callings of child and adult behaviour. Her personal odyssey culminates in a voyage of healing, self-esteem, and freedom to be who she truly is and who she wants to be.

Jojo Lost Her Confidence is an inspiring story and personal development guide for girls with themes on self-esteem and resilience. Suitable for adults and children.