Klauden's Ring


Hannah’s thirst is growing...

When Hannah van Kreeosk fled her father’s castle, she thought that finding a willing meal would be the worst of her problems. A natural born vampire, she never expected an attack that would leave her wounded and in need of protection. The handsome Rory Tallerin proves a tempting way to spend her time while she recovers.

Dark Secrets: Unfortunately, Hannah’s past isn’t far behind her, and not everyone in Rory’s band of survivors is what they appear. Between running from goblins and hiding from her father’s dedicated magician, the last thing Hannah needs is another knife in her back. As her desire for Rory grows, Hannah learns that the conflict in her heart may prove to be the more troubling wound.

A Tempting Elf: When forced to choose between the overwhelming demands of her body and the foolishly sentimental desire in her heart, Hannah must discover her true nature.

UpplÀsare: Megan Mackie