Know-It-Alls! Bats: Growing Minds with Music


As part of the unique, science Know-It-Alls! Series that features interesting science facts, this audio-book puts the spotlight on Bats! Did you know that the bat is the only kind of mammal that can fly? In fact, some bats can only fly, they cannot walk.

From tip to tip, some kinds of bats, like Giant Flying Foxes, have a wingspan as wide as 6 feet (2 m). But there are also tiny bats, like Bumblebee Bats, with wingspans of only 6 inches (15 cm)—smaller than the length of a new pencil. There is so much to learn about these fascinating creatures. Awesome narration and sound effects plus many interesting facts, makse this audio-book fun and exciting for young science enthusiasts age 4 and up!