Leadership: Motivation: Team building: 3 Books in 1: Become A Great Leader, Ignite Your Inner Drive & Build A Winning Team


Do you wish you knew how to develop the qualities of a great leader? Would you like to wake up each day feeling excited and motivated? Ready to be on a winning team? Whether you want to lead more effectively, light a fire under yourself that will not go out, or build your own dream team, then this is the audiobook for you. Leadership stems from the depths of your character. Lay a solid foundation for a life of leadership. Discover how you can shape your attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and interactions to facilitate your growth as a true leader, the person others turn to when in need. Fire up your inner drive to pursue your dreams with reckless abandon. Develop key habits to provide a steady stream of nourishment to your motivation and learn how to eliminate procrastination once and for all. Create a team of leaders. Shape your team members into peak performers. Form a cooperative, healthy, and powerful team of individuals who are pulling together towards a common goal - to win in the most dominant ways possible! Follow your dreams and become the great leader you were meant to be: Buy It Now!

UpplÀsare: Joshua Mackey