Learn Spoken Arabic


Aáž„la w saáž„la fik bi Lebnan! Welcome to an exciting journey through the Arabic language. This language course will take you on a unique trip through the whole country of Lebanon. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. The most efficient way to learn a new language is not by learning grammar but by diving head first into real conversations. LEARN SPOKEN ARABIC provides you all the necessary vocabulary and verb conjugation tables you need to become fluent in spoken colloquial Arabic in a few weeks. In this book you will find 21 chapters with several conversations that make you learn the Arabic language easily and intuitively. Exercises at the end of each chapter make your learning progress visible. At the end of the audiobook you find 30 verbs with conjugation tables in the present, present continuous, future and past tense.

UpplÀsare: Rania Al Hanini