Living in the Light: A Guided Meditation


Align with the Divine for a day of living in the light! You begin the guided meditation by tuning into yourself as a way to get present and grounded. Next, you identify anything that might be troubling you and release it to the Divine to be transmuted. The rest of the meditation steadily aligns you with highest Divine frequencies of love, peace, joy, goodness, gratitude and similar high energies. Walking in the light means staying connected to the Divine as you go through your day. That means you simply remember that you live in the Divine and that the Divine is on your side, always wants your good and is always available to help -- if you ask. You have to ask. Living in the light is a condition of being where you see through your divine eyes, see clearly, perceive accurately; you make good decisions. Your body's health is automatically vitalized. Time expands; you get done everything you need to get done in a calm way, trusting life, trusting yourself. You breathe easy. The guided meditation moves slowly, so take your time; allow yourself full alignment and healing. The beautiful voice of Moxie LaBouche will guide you, along with Peder B. Hellend's reverent music. The guided meditation is about 22 minutes. About 10 minutes of just music follow. If you can, take that extra time and stay in the beautiful energies. Headphones are recommended. A 17 minute track, How to Make Best Use of Guided Meditations Created by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D., is included.