Making Decisions: A Guided Meditation


Need to make a decision? Feeling the pressure? You can find resolution and move forward with your life. Sometimes it's just a matter of having more information about why you hesitate about a certain option. That would be enough to clear it. At other times, an entirely new option may be available to you and only in quieting down will you be able to perceive it. This guided meditation will help you get clear on how you really feel about your choices and what you really want. Then you can take appropriate action. In listening to this guided meditation, allow yourself to feel all your feelings and know all your thoughts. Always notice how your body responds. It will tell you the truth. Making decisions based on your deepest truth will always put you on a path of your highest good. When we choose to go deep, know our deepest truth, our divine self comes in and helps. So, stay alert for divine guidance, insights, higher understandings and inspirations. Each time you listen, you will be able to go deeper and gain more awareness about your situation. You are encouraged to use this guided meditation to make decisions and also for anything you're unsure about, even the smallest decisions. Sometimes the smallest decisions have wide-ranging impact on your life -- and you don't even know it. Uncovering that deeper information can lighten and improve your life significantly. You'll be listening to the calming voice of Moxie LaBouche and the beautiful music of Thaddeus. The guided meditation is about 20 minutes long. 12 minutes of just music follow. Headphones are recommended. A 17 minute track, How to Make Best Use of Guided Meditations Created by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D., is included.