Marcus's Cadence


What happens when your biggest crush turns up on your doorstep after twelve years? Cadence Crawford has a good thing going. He's making waves as a realtor in Mission City, British Columbia. Yes, he's recently suffered a personal loss, but he's moving on, and his path forward includes selling the only true home he's ever known. Marcus Brannigan is doing fine. He has his physiotherapy practice, he watches over his younger twin sisters, and he's happy. When he unexpectedly runs into Cadence, who is selling the home he's always coveted, he's prepared to do some negotiating. Neither knew they were seriously crushing on each other. Now they've admitted the truth, is happily ever after in the cards? Marcus's Cadence is a 7k second-chance gay romance instalove short story with a very happy ending and a malti-poo named Kiki.