Mexican Revolution: The Armed Struggles and Conflicts of the Early 1900s


The Mexican Revolution was a great revolution that included a series of army local battles instead of a single united struggle. It destroyed the Federal Force and changed it with an innovative army, changing Mexican civilization and governance at the same time It also culminated in the adoption of a new constitution that included the revolutionaries' ideal visions. In spite of the fact that President Porfirio Daz's (from about 1880 to 1911) rule had grown progressively out of favor over the prior 31 years, there was no indicator that a transformation would break out in the year 1910. Daz was not able to establish a regulated resolution to governmental succession, which led to a power struggle between opposing elites, and between elites and the middle classes, which sometimes included the "masses." There were agrarian uprisings, most significantly in Morelos under Emiliano Zapata. In this book, we will learn more about those.

UpplÀsare: Doug Greene