My Secret Life, Vol. 4 Chapter 19


My Secret Life, the erotic autobiography of a wealthy Victorian English gentleman has been described as 'the strangest book ever written'. Comprising one-hundred-and-eighty-four chapters and over one million words, the epic confessional describes in eloquent and explicit detail the exploits of a man (who refers to himself simply as 'Walter'), whose life was devoted to the pursuit of erotic adventure and carnal pleasure. Now for the first time in the history of this infamous erotic masterpiece, film composer Dominic Crawford Collins is producing a fully scored narration of the complete unabridged text. More 'audiofilm' than audiobook, each chapter and scene has its own unique musical accompaniment, reflecting the author's changing emotional landscape and offering the listener a truly immersive erotic audio experience. Vol. 4 Chapter XIX Clapped, and reflexions thereon. ‱ Change in taste for condition of pudenda. ‱ Change again. ‱ Later on in life. ‱ On bricks in a hail-shower. ‱ An unknown quarter. ‱ A little lady. ‱ "You can't come home." ‱ The bricks. ‱ The hail-stone ‱ A canny policeman ‱ A servant for a change. ‱ Sexual charms of servants. ‱ Catherine. ‱ A stumble on the stairs. ‱ A well-timed visit. ‱ Unchaste questions, and chaste replies ‱ Preliminaries. ‱ Con-summation. ‱ Ugly stockings. ‱ The dining-room table.