Never Mind the Mind


Peace of Mind is No mind. Is your mind bugging you? Delving deeply into that malfunctioning aspect of consciousness we call Mind, Muz Murray narrates this widely appreciated seminal chapter "Never Mind the Mind" from his book Sharing the Quest. If you are harassed by non-stop thinking, this is an important key to understanding how your fictitious mind' functions. The audio-book covers: Is Your Mind making you ill? How your thoughts create illness or energy Are you repeating anti-mantras that are holding you back? Where was mind when you grew from sperm? Do you actually possess' a mind' or does it posses you? How to understand your mental machinations The key to overcoming the mind Step by step observation of thoughts The carpet-pulling technique to Serenity Never Mind Mindfulness: practice Mindlessness If you are one who prefers to listen and absorb when relaxing in the bath, or driving in the car, or while cutting vegetables, giving a massage, or whatever, then this recording is for you! An Author's Republic audio production.

UpplÀsare: Muz Murray