Payroll of the Dead [Dramatized Adaptation]


Honest presentation is only one characteristic of Frazee's well-crafted tales. He tells a convincing, satisfying, and unusual story even when employing stock Western situations. A major strength is his understanding of the nuances of character, of how people are motivated, of the good and bad within each person, and of the conflicts between man and his environment. Drawing upon his years in the mountains of Colorado, he can vividly and realistically depict a variety of Western settings and do so in such a way that the settings assume a character of their own.

UpplÀsare: A Full Cast UpplÀsare: Christopher Graybill UpplÀsare: Christopher Scheeren UpplÀsare: Colleen Delany UpplÀsare: Danny Gavigan UpplÀsare: David Coyne UpplÀsare: Drew Kopas UpplÀsare: Dylan Lynch UpplÀsare: Elizabeth Jernigan UpplÀsare: Eric Messner UpplÀsare: Gary Telles UpplÀsare: James Konicek UpplÀsare: James Lewis UpplÀsare: Joe Brack UpplÀsare: Joel David Santner UpplÀsare: Ken Jackson UpplÀsare: Kimberly Gilbert UpplÀsare: Michael Glenn UpplÀsare: Mort Shelby UpplÀsare: Nanette Savard UpplÀsare: Nick DePinto UpplÀsare: Patrick Bussink UpplÀsare: Richard Rohan UpplÀsare: Scott McCormick UpplÀsare: Terence Aselford UpplÀsare: Thomas Keegan UpplÀsare: Tim Carlin UpplÀsare: Tony Nam UpplÀsare: Yasmin Tuazon