Pinocchio: The Tale of a Puppet


The Piece of Wood That Laughed and Cried Like a Child Master Cherry Gives the Wood Away Geppetto Names His Puppet Pinocchio The Talking-Cricket Scolds Pinocchio The Flying Egg Pinocchio's Feet Burn to Cinders Geppetto Gives His Own Breakfast to Pinocchio Geppetto Makes Pinocchio New Feet Pinocchio Goes To See a Puppet-Show The Puppets Recognize Their Brother Pinocchio Fire-Eater Sneezes and Pardons Pinocchio Pinocchio Receives a Present of Five Gold Pieces The Inn of the Red Craw-Fish Pinocchio Falls Among Assassins The Assassins Hang Pinocchio to the Big Oak The Beautiful Child Rescues the Puppet Pinocchio Will Not Take His Medicine Pinocchio Again Meets the Fox and the Cat Pinocchio Is Robbed of His Money Pinocchio Starts Back to the Fairy's House Pinocchio Acts as Watch-dog Pinocchio Discovers the Robbers Pinocchio Flies to the Seashore Pinocchio Finds the Fairy Again Pinocchio Promises the Fairy To Be Good The Terrible Dog-Fish Pinocchio Is Arrested by the Gendarmes Pinocchio Escapes Being Fried Like a Fish He Returns to the Fairy's House The "Land of Boobies" Pinocchio Enjoys Five Months of Happiness Pinocchio Turns Into a Donkey Pinocchio Is Trained for the Circus Pinocchio Is Swallowed by the Dog-Fish A Happy Surprise for Pinocchio Pinocchio at Last Ceases to Be a Puppet and Becomes a Boy