Possessed By Magic


She’s the key to defeating a great evil
 if she can find her sisters before it’s too late. Centuries ago, Alaina and her sisters cast a powerful spell to defeat the evil Zachariah Miller, but they were betrayed by the man she was promised to, Damon Foster, who perverted their magic and cost them their lives. And now the evil known as the Dark One has returned for the sisters’ powers, and Alaina’s spirit has one shot at defeating him– in the body of coma patient Lindsey Peters. That comes with its own set of problems, including the woman’s boyfriend Noah. But Alaina doesn’t have time for problems. If she doesn’t defeat Zachariah’s disciples and ultimately Zachariah himself, he will finally succeed in his mission to rule the mortal world, becoming corporeal again and destroying everything in his path 
 If only that were all. There are other hidden and dangerous enemies in this lifetime as well, and every step she takes is one closer to destruction and death
 for all who call this world home.

UpplÀsare: Robyn Isaacs