Queen of Snow: A Snow Queen Retelling


A Snow Queen retelling––with a romantic twist After falling through a magical mirror, Jack stumbles into the Chanted Forest, where fairy-tale characters are real... He's rescued by Aria, a princess on the run from the evil queen, and together they embark on a quest to gather shards of a mirror so they can use the portal to get away from the Chanted Forest forever. They will need the help of friends such as Belle, Robin, and Ryding Hood if they have any hope of surviving the deadliest of foes. But when dark secrets unravel, Jack and Aria must make a difficult choice: Face an evil queen and save the kingdom? Or save themselves and leave the fairytale characters without their happily ever after? Queen of Snow starts off the Fairytales Reimagined series. An enchanting collection of connected retellings involving all the most-loved fairytale characters in literature.

UpplÀsare: Emma Faye