Receiving Personal Prophecy: Prophetic Keys to Unlocking Your Prophecies


Over twenty years I have been in the prophetic ministry. There have been a lot of lessons I've learned from years of ministry and surrounding myself with prophetic people. This audiobook is Volume Two of my prophetic series. You can get Volume One Increasing Your Prophetic Gift if you would like to learn to flow in a deeper level of prophetic. This audiobook is for everyone who has been around the prophetic and has ever received a prophetic Word. I'm talking about mostly personal prophetic ministry, where someone singles you out and prophesies to you personally. This also will be a great tool for receiving a Word for a Church, City, Country or so on. This audiobook has the basic guidelines and the strategies for bringing your Words to pass. Over the years I have received hundreds of prophecies and up through 2010 they have all come to pass. I mean that ALL my personal prophecies have been fulfilled. This is by using the guidelines and strategies in this audiobook. So fasten your seat belt as you listen to Receiving Personal Prophecy.

UpplÀsare: Henry Reynolds