Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke: This Time I’m Gonna Tell Her How I Feel! Volume 8


Ever since the Great Spirit of Darkness surrendered, world peace has finally become a reality. But the antics of Neon—Dustour’s prince and royal pain in the butt—are keeping Slowe from his happily ever after with Charlotte! What awaits Slowe is a love story with many twists and turns, one not unlike his own—a romance between a prince and his retainer. Feeling an odd sense of kinship, Slowe keeps tabs on the couple until an envoy from the north crashes the party with unreasonable challenges of his own. To realize their forbidden love, the couple must overcome these daunting tasks. But Slowe and Neon must be wary, for the night of the arisen is creeping up on them. Blood waltzes in the air like an elegant dance, and Slowe can only hope that the flowers of love will come into full bloom, standing tall and strong against all adversity.