Save Me Once: A Safe Refuge Christian Thriller


It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. Except she isn’t dreaming. If only she'd been more attentive, none of this would have happened. Now her daughter’s missing, abducted by a man with a criminal past. A man who has been grooming her daughter for a life on the streets. Is it any wonder Margot fears the worst? Fueled by love, terror, and unwavering determination, Margot will stop at nothing to save her little girl. Enlisting the help of a police detective with a sordid past and a host of problems of his own, Margot is determined to blow this case wide open. An unforgettable psychological thriller, Save Me Once tackles every parent's deepest fear in the engrossing, yet delicate way Christian fiction fans have grown to expect from this USA Today bestselling author. It's Christian suspense at its absolute finest, and it’s yours to devour today. If you like faith-filled drama, high-stakes danger, and relatable characters, you'll love this gripping adrenaline rush from award-winning novelist Alana Terry. Buy your copy today ... and prepare for an unforgettable, fast-paced, and life-changing audiobook.

UpplÀsare: Becky Doughty