Search and Defend & Following the Trail & Dangerous Mountain Rescue


Search and Defend The search for a ruthless hit man turns into a deadly alpine chase
 Undercover to track the assassin who killed his partner, FBI special agent Alex Driscoll accidentally pulls his partner’s widow, Violet Sharp, and her search-and-rescue K-9, Teddy, into the case. Now, with Violet’s life on the line, the only way Alex can protect her is to make her—and her enormous dog—his new cover. But can they stay alive long enough to bring the hit man to justice? Following The Trail Tracking leads in her sister’s disappearance could make a K-9 handler the next victim. Lacey Jefferson’s search for her missing sister quickly turns into a murder investigation—thrusting Lacey and her search-and-rescue K-9, Scarlett, into a killer’s sights. Now teaming up with her ex-boyfriend, Sheriff Creed Payne, is the only way to discover the murderer’s identity. But can they survive long enough to dig up the truth? Dangerous Mountain Rescue From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Christy Barritt, finding a missing girl depends on a K-9 and his handler. Erin Lansing will search every inch of the mountains to find her missing teen daughter—even with someone dead-set on stopping her. Teaming up with search-and-rescue K-9 handler Dillon Walker and his dog, Scout, is her only chance at living long enough to see her daughter again. But to save them all, can Dillon and Scout help Erin confront the dangerous truth about her past? From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith. K-9 Search and Rescue Book 1: Desert Rescue by Lisa Phillips Book 2: Desert Rescue & Trailing a Killer & Mountain Survival by Carol J. Post Book 3: Desert Rescue & Trailing a Killer & Mountain Survival by Christy Barritt Book 4: Search and Defend by Heather Woodhaven Book 5: Following the Trail by Lynette Eason Book 6: Dangerous Mountain Rescue by Christy Barritt