Secrets of the Sword 3


I’m Val Thorvald, tough butt-kicking assassin and soon-to-be wife of Lord Zavryd'nokquetal. He’s a dragon from another world, and he’s haughty, arrogant, and has horrible taste in footwear, but I love him. Our wedding is going to be amazing. At least
 I’d like to think so. But when the coffee shop I’m a co-owner of gets bombed, our youngest employee goes missing, and the entire elven family I didn’t know I had shows up for a visit, my wedding preparations take an alarming turn. Oh, and did I mention that Zav’s clan is coming to the wedding? Dozens of dragons flying into the Seattle area. What could possibly go wrong?

UpplÀsare: Vivienne Leheny


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Hela denna serien Àr helt magnifik. Författaren hÄller lÀsaren i ett grepp av spÀnning, oro, skratt, kÀrlek och sarkasm som man önskar man skulle kunna lyssna pÄ varje dag. Den som lÀst in böckerna Àr helt fantastiskt. SnÀlla ta och köp in alla denna författaren böcker! Jag kommer definitivt lyssna pÄ alla. Tack