Seeking Wisdom: Spiritual Direction and the Moral Life


Discover a radical new way to enhance your life’s spiritual direction. A Doctor of the Church and influential writer, St. Alphonsus de Liguori changed the way we think about moral theology. In this audio course inspired by his wisdom, you will explore the relationship between spiritual direction and the moral life. In 22 15-minute lectures, Fr. Dennis J. Billy seeks to infuse the Alphonsian approach to mental prayer into the practice of spiritual direction today. Mental prayer is a valuable new tool that you can use to become your truest self through your faith. And, in the spirit of Alphonsus, it is simple, practical, and easy to implement. Fr. Billy is a Redemptorist—an order dedicated to the work of St. Alphonsus—with seven graduate degrees, including two theology doctorates from Harvard University Divinity School and the Pontifical University of St. Thomas. His series comprises four easily digestible parts, bookended by an introduction and conclusion. Part One, “Moorings in Spiritual Direction,” glosses the features of the direction process itself. Part Two, “An Alphonsian Approach to Spiritual Direction,” demonstrates how you can adapt Alphonsus’ approach to mental prayer to the dynamics of spiritual direction. Part Three, “Spiritual Direction and the Moral Life,” shows you how the virtuous life and the gifts of the Spirit lie at the heart of the direction process. Part Four, “Dialoguing With Other Traditions,” devotes five lectures to examining how you can apply the Alphonsian model of spiritual direction to other religious, philosophical, and ethical traditions. Taken together, the four parts put you in touch with your deepest thoughts and feelings about the ultimate realities of life, bringing them to the surface of your awareness so that you can grow and learn from them. Let your new learning lead you closer to living out the moral life.