Shepherding Women in Pain: Real Women, Real Issues, and What You Need to Know to Truly Help


A critical resource for anyone who wants to help women with the pressures, frustrations, and trauma they face Women today often have sources of tremendous pain in their lives such as infertility, divorce, domestic violence, eating disorders, and more. Yet, most leaders are not prepared to help women who have real pain from such traumatizing issues. If you want to be better equipped to help women in pain, this book was written for you. Designed to give leaders and care givers greater understanding and insights, Shepherding Women in Pain is a compilation from contributors who have expertise and experience on the given issue. Learn about domestic violence from expert Stacey Womack, founder and executive director of Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services; or learn how to help women who struggle with eating disorders from Kimberley Davidson, founder of Olive Branch Outreach. The reader will be provided concise, practical, and grace-infused information designed to help women deal constructively with the trauma of their life experiences. This book will serve as a key resource--to read and re-read often--for those who serve women in pain. A remarkable blend of expertise and empathy, Shepherding Women in Pain is a perfect resource for pastors, church staff, and women’s ministry leaders alike who want to help women in pain experience Jesus, joy, and wholeness again.