Sherlock Holmes The Signs Of The Four


When a young lady approaches Sherlock Holmes looking for help in finding out what happened to her father when he disappeared 10 years earlier, both Holmes and Watson are sent on a mission involving stolen treasure, service in colonial India, and a secret pact among four ex-convicts.

Born in 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle is the author most famous for creating the detective Sherlock Holmes and is renowned as the world's greatest crime fiction writer. Spending his childhood in Scotland, his first career choice was to be a doctor, and indeed he ended up with his own medical practice. It was during the failure of this first business venture that Doyle began writing to pass the time. With the creation of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle embarked on a series of crime stories that brought new levels of realism to a marginalized genre. He also became a real-life detective on occasion, personally investigating two crimes that eventually led to the release of the accused men. His Sherlock Holmes stories have found enduring popularity and have seen countless Television, Stage, and film adaptations over the course of the last century.