Spiritual Awakening: Unleash the Power within You Now


This is a book with 4 separate books in it. The titles relate to these topics: Topic 1: How do you use the Hygge lifestyle during the holidays? What about Christmas? New Year’s Eve? And how do you practice Hygge in the living room or at work? These and other questions will be addressed in this quick, comprehensible guide. You will also learn about ideas for random acts of kindness, how to involve the children, and the background of Hygge. Topic 2: Essential oils can be used for many things. In this book, we will address some of those uses. In the first chapter, we will talk about some aromatherapy basics you need to understand before doing anything else with the oils. Topic 3: A pure Zen perspective on life can carry many benefits. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, alter the neurochemicals in your cerebrum, and make you feel more powerful and capable of things because of a more balanced outlook on the many challenges you face every day. Topic 4: Are you a minimalist? Maybe you are. Look at the checklist inside the book to find out! This book, however, doesn’t just contain a checklist. It also lists clever techniques to minimalize your costs, your items, and even your digital usage of media and screen time. Other helpful tips will come in the form of Feng Shui basics, simplification in the home, and optimizing your minimalist plan for the future.