Stone and Secret - Nocturne Academy, Book 3 (Unabridged)


What happens when you've been under an uglification spell your entire life and it suddenly gets lifted? Well, read my book if you want to find out--it's what you might call a cautionary tale...I used to be plain, boring, forgettable Emma Plunkett...but that was back when I thought I was human. Now, I'm something completely different. I have raven hair, purple eyes, and the power to Fascinate--not to mention two gorgeous Fae warriors who have both sworn their undying love and loyalty to me. (How can I choose between them when I want them both?)I've heard the other students at Nocturne Academy whispering behind my back. Either I'm a lost Fairy Princess...or a creature so dark and evil I could change the fate of the Fae Realm forever--only I don't know which! But I have a bad feeling I'm about to find out...

UpplÀsare: Riley Barrett