Submitting to the Shadow - Kindred Tales, Book 27 (Unabridged)


A Warrior who demands her complete submission...

Can Sammi give herself over to Roark?

And can Roark save her from a deadly fate?

Read Submitting to the Shadow to find out...

Samantha Grey is in deep trouble-someone is stalking her and he's getting closer every day. Desperate to escape, she goes to the one place she knows she can't be followed-the Kindred Mother Ship. But she needs a job to stay aboard and the only one available in her field is...strange to say the least. When Sammi interviews with her new boss, she can tell that Commander Roark is an Alpha male who will be a challenge to work with. But she has no idea that he will demand her complete submission...or that she will give it willingly.

Commander Roark knows that he wants Sammi the moment he sees her. She's an Elite-her lush curves call to his deepest desires. But a bad experience with a human woman in the past has made him wary of love. He and Sammi grow closer and closer but when she reveals an unthinkable truth, he sends her away, vowing to never love again.

Heartbroken, Sammi flees back to Earth...and straight into danger. Can Roark rescue her from a deadly fate before time runs out? You'll have to read Submitting to the Shadow to find out...