The Crusades 101: Holy Knights, Epic Battles, and Sacred Land


Examine the profound impact of the Crusades with acclaimed Church historian and bestselling author Christopher Bellitto. Few events have affected the course of civilization as profoundly as the Crusades, a centuries-long period of violent conflict and competition between Islam and Christianity. The Crusades brought destruction and violence to the third monotheistic faith of Judaism as well. Resurfacing frequently in present-day political conversations about clashes between faiths and cultures, the troubling legacy of the Crusades is undeniable. In this masterful audio course from award-winning professor Christopher Bellitto, you’ll examine the five major crusading movements from multiple perspectives, gaining a deeper knowledge of what the Holy Land means to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. You’ll also explore the concepts of “just war” and jihad that dominated during the Middle Ages. Along the way you’ll learn about Crusade arts, letters and architecture; military orders like the Templars and Hospitallers; and the state of Christian-Muslim relations today. Simply put, to understand the Crusades is to gain profound insight into the historical course of civilization and the profound contradictions of religious war and human nature itself. You’ll be in good hands with Prof. Bellitto, known for his ability to bring clarity to complex historical events. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn with him today. This course is part of the Learn25 collection and comes with a free PDF study guide.