The Enigma of Sumerian Gods: The Legacy of Enki and the Anunnaki


The reign of Hammurabi is a convenient point at which to observe general changes in and later introductions to the pantheon of the Sumerian gods. The political alterations in the kingdom were reflected in the sacred circle. Certain gods were relegated to the cold shades of obscurity, while new deities were adopted and others, hitherto regarded as negligible quantities, were exalted to the heights of heavenly omnipotence. The worship of Merodach first came into prominence in the days of Hammurabi. But his group is so outstanding and important that it has been deemed better to deal with it in a separate and later chapter. Meanwhile, we shall examine the nature of some of the gods who sprang into importance at or about the era of the great lawmaker and note changes that took place concerning others.

UpplÀsare: Stephen Low