The First 500 Years: The Fathers, Councils, and Doctrines of the Early Church


Through a study of the Church Fathers, Father David Meconi, S.J. explores the early stages of the Catholic Church. Uncover the theology which lead to the doctrinal development of the Theotokos, the Incarnation, and the Trinity. Discover the wisdom and influence of saints Cyril, Pope Leo, and Augustine. Embrace the rich heritage of the Catholic Faith.

Father David Meconi, S.J. will bring you through an in-depth study of the foundations of doctrinal theology, focusing on questions such as, "Why did theology develop the way it did?" "What shaped the way the seed of the Church sprouted?" "How can Jesus be both God and man?" "Who exactly is the Holy Spirit?" "Is Mary really the Mother of God?"

The Fathers of the Church not only helped write the words to define what Catholics have believed for millennia, they debated about these doctrines to clarify them under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Did you know it took years - even centuries - to finalize many crucial Catholic beliefs? Through a series of councils, the Church defined and declared doctrines on:

The hypostatic union between Christ's divine and human natures Mary as the "Theotokos" - the "God-Bearer" The primacy of the pope The action and person of the Holy Spirit

How can they help you answer challenges against the Faith? The Fathers were there from the very beginning of the Church. Their writings and thoughts on doctrine helped shape theology as it developed over the first few centuries of the Church. Learn of the Church’s theological foundation, deepen your faith, and grow in holiness by joining Father Meconi on this theological exploration.