The Healthy Workplace


Is your workplace working for you and your employees? Studies show that unhealthy work habits, like staring at computer screens and rushing through fast-food lunches are taking their toll in the form of increased absenteeism, lost productivity, and higher insurance costs-but it doesn't have to be that way.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Aetna, and Johnson & Johnson have used innovative techniques to incorporate healthy habits and practices into the workday and into their culture-with impressive ROI. Packed with real-life examples and the latest research, The Healthy Workplace proves that it pays to invest in your people's well-being and reveals how to:

Create a healthier, more energizing environment ‱ Reduce stress to enhance concentration ‱ Inspire movement at work ‱ Use choice architecture to encourage beneficial behaviors ‱ Support better sleep ‱ Heighten productivity without adding hours to the workday

Filled with tips for immediate improvement and guidelines for building a lo

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