The Lesser Key Of Solomon


The Lesser Key of Solomon, also often referred to as Lemegeton, is a grimoire or a book of magic that was compiled in the 17th century. It is attributed to King Solomon, a biblical figure who was reputed to have possessed great wisdom and knowledge of the occult.

The book contains descriptions of various demons and their characteristics, as well as instructions for summoning and commanding them. It is divided into five sections, each of which contains different methods for summoning demons and other spirits, including spells, sigils, and incantations.

The Lesser Key of Solomon is primarily a work of ceremonial magic, and its practices are based on the belief that the magician can command and control spirits to do his or her bidding. The book has been widely influential in occult and magical circles and has been used as a source for various other works of magic and demonology.

UpplÀsare: Henry Schrader