The Lion and the Mouse


In time past, there have been a series of legends about the lion and the mouse, but my story goes thus, Lion King is the most respected and feared king in the history of the animal kingdom. Lion King was always known to live in comfort and luxury all his life. And Lion King was also known for roaring around the forest savannah and jungle just to ensure that everything was going smoothly in the kingdom, and thus it gave him joy deep in his soul. He did this as his weekly routine. One cool evening, when the snow seemed to have died down. Lion King invited all the animals in the kingdom and ordered that all must be present. Every animal came at his request. During the meeting, the king asked if anyone could give him a clever idea on how to build progress in the kingdom. Different animals in the kingdom gave several suggestions such as Tiger, Monkey, and Grasshopper, but none impressed the king until a little mouse brought a clever idea that wowed him. As soon as the king heard the little mouse’s idea, he said “awesome that’s very clever of you little mouse, I will order my noble servants to make sure your idea is executed.”